The modern office is a highly efficient and productive space, and one of the key components of this efficiency is good lighting. In the past, harsh fluorescent office lights often provided office lighting that caused eye strain and made it difficult to focus. However, LED-Bürobeleuchtung is becoming the preferred choice for office lighting, providing a much softer and more natural light. LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, which can help to reduce operating costs.

Office Light Fixture Considerations

Office light fixtures are a critical aspect of any office space. They provide bright light for workers to clearly see their computer screens and paperwork. Task lights are an ideal choice for any home or office needing a little extra light. When choosing an LED driver for your office lighting, selecting one compatible with the fixture and has the correct output voltage is essential. With the right LED driver, you can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting in your office space.

LED Driver Office Lighting Application


Small Plastic Power Supply

A versatile and easy-to-install product that offers protection and wattage from 15w to 60w. It is perfect for many uses, with output 12v and 24v available, and input 100-240v for use in any country.

Slim Strip Plastic Power Supply

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Fluorescent ceiling fixtures

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Why Choose SANPU for LED Office Lighting Works

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Surface mount technology can achieve greater accuracy and efficiency. It has several other benefits, including reducing assembly time, increasing reliability, and reducing electromagnetic interference. Surface mount technology makes electronic products more reliable and affordable than ever before.

Office Lighting Video
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Automatic Plug-in

Automatic plug-in production is a type of LED power supply designed for ease of use. Automated plug-in production is ideal for businesses that want to save energy and money.

Alterungstest von Netzteilen

We subject them to an ageing test to ensure that our LED power supplies are of the highest quality when they ship out. This involves running the power supply for 4 hours to simulate the effects of long-term use. Ensure any potential problems will be caught and corrected before the power supply ever reaches our customer. 

Choose SANPU Power for Your Office Lighting

Are you looking for a reliable LED driver? SANPU is a top choice for quality and performance. Our LED drivers are designed to power LED lights, ensuring they have a long lifespan and consistent light output. We offer a wide range of models to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. And our products are backed by a team of experts who are always ready to help.

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LED-Treiber für das LED-Spotbeleuchtungsprojekt

fluoreszierende Lichter

Schlankes schwarzes LED-Netzteil

100-240 V AC / 175-240 V AC
DC-Ausgang 12V/24V/48V

Schmaler Streifen, klein 60W-300W Wasserdichtes Netzteil 
Effizienz erreicht 91%
Schutzdesign: Kurzschluss, Überspannung, Überstrom, Übertemperatur.
IP67 Design, für Innen- und Außenaufstellung
perfekte Lösung für die Stromversorgung Ihrer Geräte im Innen- oder Außenbereich

blinding fluorescent lights

Kleines LED-Netzteil aus Kunststoff

Verschiedene Wattzahlen (15 W bis 60 W) an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen und mit Ausgabeoptionen von 12V und 24V.

Es eignet sich für viele verschiedene Anwendungen.

Das ist schlank, einfach zu montieren und vor Überlastung geschützt. Unser 100-240-V-Eingang macht es perfekt für den Einsatz überall auf der Welt. Warum also warten? Holen Sie sich noch heute unser LED-Netzteil und genießen Sie alle Vorteile, die es zu bieten hat!

Ultradünnes LED-Netzteil

Der Leistungsbereich ist von 60W zu 400W. Eingang 100-240 V/110 V/220 V

Das ultradünne Netzteil lässt sich einfach und platzsparend an kleinen Stellen installieren. Hergestellt aus Aluminiumgehäusematerial, hat es eine gute Wärmefähigkeit. Mit einem eingebauten EMI-Filter hat es eine winzige Welligkeitsrate. Es hat auch einen Wirkungsgrad von 85% bei ausreichender Leistung. Außerdem wird es vor dem Versand einem 4-stündigen Burn-In-Test unterzogen, um die Qualität sicherzustellen. Und zu Ihrem Schutz ist OVP, OTP und Kurzschlussschutz programmiert. Schließlich ist es CE- und ROHS-zertifiziert. Holen Sie sich noch heute das LED-Netzteil!


Neuankömmling Kunststoff-Netzteil, Leistungsbereich von 35 W bis 300 W

100-240 V AC / 175-240 V AC
DC-Ausgang 12V/24V/48V
Es ist perfekt für die Installation im Innenbereich. Das schlanke Streifendesign und die geringe Größe verfügen über ein Schutzdesign gegen Kurzschlüsse, Überspannung und Überstrom. Mit einem Wirkungsgrad von 91%. Eine gute Wahl für Ihren Energiebedarf im Innenbereich.

richtige Beleuchtung

FX Aluminium Regenfestes LED-Netzteil

Leistungsbereich von 60W bis 600W. Eingang 100-240 V/110 V/220 V

Dieses einfach zu installierende Netzteil eignet sich perfekt für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen, vom privaten bis zum gewerblichen Bereich. Mit seinem Aluminiumgehäusematerial und dem eingebauten EMI-Filter bietet es eine gute Wärmefähigkeit und eine geringe Welligkeitsrate, während es ist 85 % hoher Wirkungsgrad sorgt für ausreichend Leistung.

Außerdem verfügt es über 4 Stunden 100 % Volllast-Burn-In-Test und OVP-, OTP- und Kurzschlussschutz, die für Ihre Sicherheit und Seelenfrieden programmiert sind. CE- und ROHS-zertifiziert.

entire office space

Wasserdichtes LED-Netzteil für den Außenbereich

Power Range from 20W bis 150W. Eingang 100-240 V/110 V/220 V

LP Plastic series is an ultra-thin and waterproof Plastic casing that is perfect for Verwendung im Freien. Mit einem eingebauten EMI-Filter für eine winzige Welligkeitsrate. Es ist auch 85 % effizient mit 4 Stunden 100 % Volllast-Burn-in-Test. Außerdem sind zu Ihrer Sicherheit OVP-, OTP- und Kurzschlussschutz programmiert. Schließlich ist es CE- und ROHS-zertifiziert. Lassen Sie sich dieses tolle Produkt nicht entgehen!

So why wait? Choose Xinreal LED Driver today!

Als Hersteller von Netzteilen ist Xinreal voll ausgestattet, mit einer Ulbricht-Kugel, einer Box mit konstanter Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit, einem Drucktester und anderen Geräten zur Bewertung der Produktleistung. 

How To Pick The Right Office Lighting

Regarding office lighting, there are a few things to think about. Initially, think of the kind of work that will certainly be done in the area. If employees are certainly utilizing computer systems, they’ll require less light than if they’re joining conferences or working on projects. Second, consider the space’s size and the variety of home windows. The more light that usually comes in, the less fabricated light will undoubtedly be needed. Finally, look at the existing fixtures and see if they can be changed with more energy-efficient choices. These simple actions can assist you in developing an office space that is both comfy and productive.

A well-rounded illumination plan includes a range of lights to develop a well-balanced and cohesive appearance. Task lights, such as lights and spotlights, are essential for jobs like reading and food preparation. Ambient illumination, such as overhead components and candle lights, helps to develop a warm and inviting atmosphere. Accent lights, such as wall surface sconces and track lights, can be utilized to highlight artwork or building features. When used with each other, these different types of lighting can assist in developing an all-around and inviting room.

The kind of illumination best for a workplace relies on the desired result. Overall, warmer yellow or orange lights are much better for relaxing, whereas more great blue and white lights benefit functioning, waking up, and concentrating. This is because various colors of light have multiple impacts on our state of mind and also energy levels. For example, blue light is understood to improve performance, while yellow light can aid in minimizing stress degrees. When choosing workplace lights, it is crucial to consider the room’s function and the wanted atmosphere. By picking the right sort of light, it is feasible to produce an office that is both effective as well as comfy.

Offices typically use three types of illumination: incandescent, fluorescent/compact fluorescent (CFL), and LED. Incandescent bulbs are the most usual type of interior illumination, yet they are likewise the least energy-efficient. Fluorescent bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent light bulbs, but they can typically cast harsh, manufactured light. LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient sort of indoor lights, as well as they likewise tend to discharge a more natural light. However, LED light bulbs can be much more expensive than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Because of this, several workplaces use various types of lighting to produce a well-lit area that is both energy-efficient and comfy for workers.

Between 300 and 500 lux

According to the International Compensation on Lighting, the optimum lighting for regular desk work is between 300 and 500 lux. This is the standard that many office buildings aim for, as it offers enough light to see plainly without creating eye stress. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances where the lux level should be higher or reduced. For example, when servicing accuracy tasks, a higher degree of light might be necessary to minimize errors. Likewise, it is important to ensure the luminance is not too low when operating in dark illumination conditions, as this can trigger eye fatigue. In general, however, a lux level between 300 and 500 is perfect for most office work.

The quantity of light an office needs depends on various elements. Advised light levels are 300-500 lumens. In spaces where there is nothing else resource of brilliant light, lighting at around 300 lumens is ideal. When the atmosphere is already bright, or there are considerable contrasts in illumination, more glowing lights (400-500 lumens) are better suited. The work carried out in the workplace also affects the perfect amount of light. For instance, if employees are often using computers, they will need less light than if they participate in jobs requiring more visual acuity, such as reviewing or composing. As a whole, workplaces ought to be well-lit to advertise performance and decrease eye strain. By following these guidelines, companies can guarantee that their staff members have the most effective feasible working conditions.

The sort of light bulb you choose for your workplace can substantially influence the room’s overall atmosphere. Soft white bulbs discharge a cozy, yellow light that is perfect for creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. In contrast, daytime light bulbs send out an excellent white light that can stimulate and invigorate staff members. While soft white light bulbs are generally extra pricey, they might deserve the investment if you wish to develop an inviting and comfortable workplace. Nevertheless, daylight bulbs may be a far better option if you seek to promote efficiency and focus. Eventually, the best light bulb for your workplace will depend upon your particular demands and preferences.

LED lighting using in the workplace has many benefits. LED lights have been revealed to boost employee performance and produce a healthy and balanced work environment. LEDs additionally take in much less energy than conventional illumination options, which can aid in minimizing your firm’s carbon impact. On top of that, LEDs last longer than other light bulbs, so you will not need to change them as typically. And because they do not produce as much heat as other light sources, they can help to keep your workplace colder in the summertime. Overall, LED illumination is an excellent option for any organization seeking to develop a more reliable and sustainable work environment.

The color temperature of a lightbulb is measured in Kelvin (K). A lower Kelvin value means the light appears more yellow, while a higher Kelvin value means the light seems bluer. For example, most traditional incandescent bulbs have a color temperature of around 2700 K, which gives off a warm, yellowish light. In contrast, LED bulbs typically have a temperature between 3000 K and 6000 K. LEDs with a color temperature around 3000 K are considered “warm white” or “soft white,” and they emit a similar light to incandescent bulbs. However, LEDs with a color temperature of 4000 K or higher are often described as “daylight” bulbs because they emit a bright, blue-tinged light. Cool or neutral color temperatures (somewhere between 3000 K & 4000 K) are usually deemed appropriate for office spaces. Lighting with cool tones (3500 K – 5000 K) suits hospitals and medical facilities as color temperatures promote focus and alertness. Therefore, 3000k is suitable for the office.

The type of light you use in your office can greatly impact your productivity. Cool white light is ideal for creating a bright, vibrant atmosphere. It’s also perfect for offices with lots of natural light, as it helps to offset the glare from the sun. In addition, cool white light is great for task lighting, as it helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue. However, warm white light may be more appropriate if you prefer a softer light. Warm white light has a lower color temperature, which makes it perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It’s also ideal for offices that don’t get much natural light, as it can help make the space more comfortable. Ultimately, the type of light you choose should be based on your personal preferences and the needs of your office.


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